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I’m Dikgomotso Mosiapoa, founder of Fab-U-Lane. I mostly go by the nickname “Didi”.

I’m originally from Gauteng, Pretoria but currently, reside in Cape Town. I always find myself in between the two areas. I am an aspiring  Somatologist, a profession commonly confused with “beauty therapy” (I like beauty gods better!). I’ve always been ridiculously obsessed with my overall appearance. This earned me my other nickname “Lady”, best believe it. I was one young girl that grew up to know just about everything about how to get myself ready. I mean, from the unique hairstyle on my head, all the way down to my toenail polish.

I guess that doesn’t serve as much of a surprise as to why “beauty” is rather my ideal stream of life. We sure will have a great journey as we walk along the lane of everything beauty related. This will showcase make-up, nail art, skin care and business services that Fab-U-Lane offers. This is a platform that will work towards the Fab-U-Lane beauty brand which is on its steady climb up the staircase. This journey will fulfill all my Fab ladies out there still trying to unleash their inner beauty!




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Beauty, Where It All Begins.
                  Have you ever wondered how some people manage to get such flawless skin, or what it...
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10 Essential brushes every Fab-Lady must have!
Beginners Edition Learning the application of makeup might be a hand full but trying to find the right brushes to deliver that airbrush effect is...
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